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Best Ad Blocker Apps for AndroidAds. One of the most annoying things ever existed. No matter on which website you go, there will be ads, one way or the other. Few ads are fine because even they need to earn but some websites are a little crazy with ads.

They can disturb you while browsing, gaming, or while watching your favorite video. The most annoying ads are pop ups and non-responsive ads. Non-responsive ads can be a headache on mobile phones. There was a time when “Pop-Up” ads were limited to PC and Laptops, but as soon as mobile phones became relevant, they came to mobile as well.

Any developer can go out and claim to have the best ad blocker for Android, but only some can actually provide a useful app. Also, many scammers offer free Ad blockers apps to make people download their malware. Downloading a bad application can be more harmful than you think. It can even get your bank details.

Also, keep in mind that some websites need ads to keep running. They have to pay for the hosting, and so they need to earn some money. So don’t block all the ads, allow at least 1 or 2 ads on every website.

If you’re downloading an Ad blocker, you can’t totally rely on Play Store. They do have some ad blockers but there are better available in the market. So, we have combined a list of the best ad blocker apps for Android. The apps we’ve put on our list are totally safe, and they offer quality features.

Best Ad Blocker Apps for Your Android Device

1. TrustGo Ad Detector

TrustGo Ad Detector AppWorried about websites stealing and selling your personal data? Well, no more. TrustGo Ad detector protects your mobile from any websites that are trying to get your personal information. It scans and protects your device from any privacy leak. After installing this app, you will be able to use your Android phone without worrying about your personal data. Without any doubt, it’s one of the best ad blocker apps.

Features of TrustGo Ad Detector

  • Keeps you safe from websites trying to steal your personal data.
  • Blocks pop-up and banner ads as well.

2. Adblock Plus & Browser

AdBlock Plus BrowserAdblock plus is one of the best ad blocker apps for android, and it’s open source as well. You can block all kinds of ads using Adblock plus, be it a popup or a banner. This app also keeps eyes on malware based ads, so it will protect you from those harmful ads as well.

Features of Adblock Plus

  • Totally free and open source ad blocker.
  • There are two options for you to choose from: system-wide or browser based.

3. Opera Mini

Opera Mini App for AndroidGoogle Chrome might be everyone’s favorite but Opera has been there for ages and it’s still used by many. It is one of the most downloaded browsers on Google Play, and I am pretty sure you’ve heard its name many times.

Once you install and open Opera Mini, it will first ask you to choose your language and then it will ask you if you want to block ads. Blocking ads is just one button away. It can block each and every ad, and there aren’t any tricky settings either in Opera Mini. If you ever want to enable ads, you can easily do so by going to settings from the lower-right-hand corner.

Its name contains “mini”, but you won’t be missing any feature at all. You can do all of the things that you do in other browsers like Chrome, Firefox and you won’t have to worry about popups either. Opera Mini is not just one of the best browser but one of the best ad blocker for Android as well.

Features of Opera Mini

  • Totally free, trustable and has most of the features that other best ad blocker apps have, even after being a browser.
  • No hard settings to choose from. One button to block all the ads.

4. AdGuard

AdGuard AppAdguard is one of the best ad blocker apps for Android and it has lots of useful features. It will guard you against all kinds of ads as well as it will protect you from phishing websites. And by doing so, you will save a lot of bandwidth as well as it will improve the web page loading time. Adguard will protect you from all kinds of threats.

Features of AdGuard

  • It can block ads system-wide as well as protection against malware and phishing websites.
  • It does not require root, it can work well on non-rooted devices as well.
  • It can block ads of Android apps as well, but you will need the paid version for that.

5. Free AdBlocker Browser

Free Adblocker Browser for AndroidFree AdBlocker Browser
can be a good choice if you don’t have a problem in switching to a browser which is a little different graphically. Free AdBlocker Browser blocks all kinds of ads. It will kill any ad that tries to be shown. It can block pop-ups and malware as well. It can block video ads and banner ad as well. And then comes its unique feature. It can block sites trying to track your footprints.

So no need to worry about anything. From an ad set to auto play, to shady cookies. It can keep you away from both of those. It will block ads, plus keep your privacy safe. It is surely one of the best ad blocker apps for Android.

Features of Free AdBlocker Browser

  • Keeps you safe from malware
  • Does not let anyone track your footprints.

6. Adaway

adaway app for androidWith the help of AdAway, you can block all kinds of ads on not only websites but on Android apps as well. It is one of the best ad blocker apps for Android and it’s totally open source. AdAway blocks ads using hosts files. It means that it redirects any ad request to i.e localhost.

Features of Adaway

  • Lets you add websites to whitelist/blacklist.
  • Ability to select your own host file.
  • Requires root access.

7. YUbrowser with Ad Filtration

YUbrowser is a free full-fledged browser with quality features which allows you to block ads as well. With the help of its browser and ad blocker, you can surf the internet without any interference. It is performance optimized and a fast browser. It has night mode, background audio support web refiner to filter ads, web defenders to keep your privacy safe.

Features of YUbrowser

  • Works best on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Works fine on others as well.
  • Protects privacy and blocks ads.


So those were the best ad blocker apps for Android. The list includes both kinds of ad blockers i.e. system-wide ad blockers and browser-based ad blockers. I can assure you that all of the best ad blocker apps that I’ve mentioned are totally safe to use and they will surely protect your identity.

I would suggest you go with AdAway if you are rooted, but if you are not, you can go with AdGuard instead.

Which one did you like? Is there any other good ad blocker that I haven’t mentioned? Do share your thoughts in comment section.


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