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Choosing an eCommerce development services is very important because your company cannot progress if your customers cannot shop with you. You will find that you could purchase an eCommerce platform that will help you build up your business, and you might find that you can use the eCommerce platform to manage the rest of your site. Making the change is important, and you are looking for all of these criteria when shopping around.

How to Select the Best E-commerce Platform for SEO?

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1. The E-commerce Platform Controls Everything

You could completely change your site if you are trying to move into the eCommerce world, and the eCommerce portal development team could build your whole site around the shop. You will find that you can see your tabs for all the pages at the top of the list, and you will notice that you can use the eCommerce site to remake your image. This means that you get new everything from the developer, and you are effectively rebranding your company on the spot.

2. You Need a Shop that is Easy to Find

You could use eCommerce portal development as a chance to get your site a new URL. You might brand yourself around your most popular product, or you could take a URL that reads better than what you have now. Making the change makes it very easy for you to find new customers, and you could actually start an SEO program around the eCommerce development services that you have received.

3. Artwork

You can change the look of your site with better artwork and nicer colors. You will find that the artwork helps people enjoy the site, and you could use the artwork to show off the different products that you sell. If your site is focused on selling above all else, you can feature your products on the homepage with animations that were made by your development team. This is a simple way to show off what you sell, and it is not as bland as other sites that have basic designs.

4. SEO Work

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You can have all your products tagged, articles were written about your products, and a blog that will use tags to draw in customers. SEO work includes the local address and phone number of your company, and you will find that you could use meta tags to increase your Google ranking.

Increasing your Google ranking is a very important thing to do because you want people to see you on the top half of the first page when they search. Ask for help writing articles about your products, and have the description for every item written in such a way that it reads well with keywords that search engines will pick up on.

Learn more about eCommerce SEO here.

5. Homepage

Your eCommerce partner must create a homepage that shows off the most popular products, products that are on sale, and any promotions you have going on. They must allow customers to sign into the site right there, and the homepage must have seasonal sales posted if you are coming up on a major holiday. You might also prefer to have the homepage show tabs for every category you sell. On the bottom of the page, you can put your contact and about tabs

6. Search Bar

All eCommerce sites must have a search bar, and that search bar will take people to the things they need to find. You should allow your customers to narrow their searches so that they can find the exact products they want, and you must have the search bar in a place where it is easy to find. The site is now centered around the products that you sell, and you can move on to creating a catalog that is easier to use.

7. Categories

You must have categories that people can pick out easily, and you should have those categories posted in a place where people can pull down and read. You must create as many customers as you can, and you should make certain that you have subcategories that will help people find what they are looking for. The categories must have the products described and pictured well, and you will find that you could build up a catalog page for each product.

8. Descriptions

You must find an eCommerce partner who will write up descriptions for all your products, and you must include as much information as you can. You should use product specifications that you have gotten from the manufacturer, and you also have to be sure that you have had the products pictured in a way that makes them look their best. You need multiple pictures so that people know they have taken a look at the angles of the product. You want the customer to know precisely what they are looking for, and they will buy with more confidence because of the way the products are pictured.

9. Comparison

You must have an eCommerce partner who will help you do some comparisons. You will find that you could use the comparison pages to slide a few things together. The customer can see the prices, the descriptions, and decide what they need. Someone who wants to have the products compared could also do that on a description page. There are a lot of people who would prefer to compare, and they will buy more readily from a company that does the comparison for them.

10. Wish Lists

ecommerce wishlist optionsYou must have a website that allows people to have wish lists that show all the things that they were interested in when they started looking at the site.

These people should have the chance to stow away all the things that they are hoping to buy, and they could send out those wish lists every year when it comes to the holiday or birthday holidays that people have to buy for. You could have a lot of people set up their lists so they can keep track of what they need, the band they can move things back and forth from their cart with ease.

11. Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is the place where people store items and buy when ready. You can shop out of the shopping cart at any time, and the site will take care of the rest. This is the most important part of the site because the customer should not need your help to make a purchase. You should take a look at the way that shopping carts are built because you also need to send people reminders about things that are in their cart, items that are no longer available, or items that have changed prices.

12. Checkout

checkout pages for ecommerce websitesThe eCommerce partner must come up with a checkout system that is easy to use. The checkout system should allow people to make their purchase with any form of payment that they want, and you must be certain that you have set up payment structures with all these different companies.

The eCommerce partner will use software to make checking out easier, and it will send a receipt to all your customers when the purchase is complete. If you are not sure about what you should do with the checkout window, ask your developer for a few options until you find something that looks like it came from your company.

13. Contact

You need a very strong contact page that people can use to reach you at any time. You will save yourself so much trouble if you are using the contact page to handle disputes, and you could ask the eCommerce developer if they can put live chat on your site. Live chat allows people to get instant results from their different questions, and you can answer questions after hours when someone leaves you their email address for a follow up.

Final Thoughts,

The eCommerce site that you build can control your whole website. You can center around the profits that you want to make, and you can create a site that looks so much better than normal. You will find that you can give people the chance to save money, and you will allow them to make purchases that they can complete on their own. Anyone who is trying to save money will choose your site, and they are more likely to find your company because your site has been written and tagged in a way that raises your Google ranking.


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