Best Flower Shop WordPress Themes


best flower shop wordpress themes 2018When you want to make a mark online, all you need to do is to get hold of the premium WordPress themes. To be more precise, if you are to establish a florist industry online, your goal should be to fetch out the flowers WordPress themes.

These themes have apt designs that will make your site look beautiful both in mobile phones and PCs. However, this is not just the end. There’s more to it. To know more, take a look at the best WordPress themes for florist website.

Top Floral WordPress Themes for Flower Shops

We tested and reviewed multiple floral WordPress themes that may help you boost your gardening or flower business and we’ve shortlisted 5 themes that are best for your website in every manner, be it design, user experience or loading speed, these themes top in all the features. Hope you like what we’ve shared below.

1. Flower Shop by CMS Masters

Flower Shop has elegance and delicate decorations into it. You can use it for the purpose of a florist or bouquet shop. If you notice the screenshot provided below, you will get a glimpse of the beautiful styles that it contains.

Flower Shop WordPress Theme By CMS Masters

When you are viewing an e-commerce theme, make sure that the template contains two important components:

  • Variegated designs
  • Power of transforming a plain site into something extraordinary

Flower Shop has both of them in the right amount. There are product filters, image galleries, and customer reviews.

Besides, Flower Shop also can be a great choice for your blog! If you have to impart an interesting style to your blog, you can make use of the various blog styles. Again, publishing galleries too can be made possible. In fact, if you can create a portfolio of the images, it will speak of the authenticity of your site.

2. Creta By Magic Commerce

This flower theme is adaptable and adjustable to WordPress themes. Its flexibility is worth flaunting. In fact, when you download and start using it for the first time, you can go through two of its live demo sessions for better understanding.

Make sure that you take a look at both the demo sessions. Otherwise, you won’t be able to understand how different it is from the first one. For a quick look, check out the screenshot as provided below.

Creta Floral WordPress Theme by Magic Commerce

As you can see in the image, the theme looks more like an e-commerce store than just a boutique. The design is accrued mainly to incur sales. It focuses more on commercial business. Besides the links, the mega menus are expansive enough to add more images.

Creta is mainly formulated to work with Woocommerce Plugin. However, this theme is more towards professionalism than simple blogs. Every detailing in the pages is crafted so beautifully that users will never face trouble in handling it.

3. Creative Flower by Netbase Team

Flexibility and a variety of styles is the trademark of Creative Flower. Here too, you will get live demo sessions. All credit goes to its feature of adaptability. It is suited to quite a few sites. Displaying materials beforehand and promoting your service for special events are both easy.

This theme works best with site origin page builder plugin. You can create and customize pages as per your requirement. Templates too can be formed using widgets. In short, you can create as many page layouts or templates as you want.

Creative Flower WordPress Theme by Netbase Team

If you notice the image provided above, you will find the menus of customization in the admin menu of your dashboard. Different designed elements have different options. Besides, there are a lot of other menus too. So, if you find this to be the right theme for your site, do check it out soon!

4. Flowers Boutique by Ancora Themes

All the florists and flower shops, this themed template is for only for you! This theme is powered by the page builder plugin. This will help you to create any and every kind of template or layout you want to.

Flowers boutique wordpress theme

Just like all other WordPress themes, this one too has the powerful tool of a page builder. The demo site of the theme explains it all. In the homepage, there are a lot of other materials packed into one. To put all features in the suitable place that you want, make use of the drag and drop system.

Besides being just a flower site, you will definitely want it to grow in a commercial mode. So, Flowers Boutique arranges for it too. Your site will include a shopping cart and a checkout page too. This theme is not only suitable for Woocommerce but also can be used for multilingual sites.

5. Flowers by Template Monsters

Since flowers have a strange simplicity, you can use this theme as your flowers boutique website. Its features of customization are very concise and compact. The more you want to stuff information in your site, the simpler should it be. Take a look at the design of the site as has been given below.

Its style is very simple and straight cut. If you are in a hurry of creating a site, this is it! Making pages promotional is possible here. Different options for customization are available here. Also, you can switch from one option to another at ease.

Besides, if you are a frequent blogger, this theme is apt for you. This theme is supportive of eight different post formats. Thus, other than just texts, you can just post images, videos or quotations.

Bottom Line

So, the next time, you think of displaying your floral art and your aesthetic taste, you can choose one of the floral WordPress themes we have shared above. This will help you sell out and earn some extra bucks. Won’t that be a kind of encouragement for initiating more art form?

Let us know which theme you liked the most. Or, if there is anything else you want us to know, feel free to comment below and we will get back to you ASAP.


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