Dual WhatsApp Accounts in One Phone


Dual Whatsapp Account in One PhoneWhen we talk about smartphones the first thing that clicks our mind is WhatsApp and Facebook. WhatsApp has become a kind of must-have app on every phone. Almost each one of us is connected to our friends and acquaintances through this social platform.

Dual Sim mobiles had their feet firm in the market about a decade ago. Now, what people are looking for is Dual Whatsapp Account. You can actually have 2 Whatsapp In One Phone by following few simple steps. The article below will guide you completely about different methods to have Dual Whatsapp Apk.

How To Use Two Whatsapp Account In A Single Phone?

There are multiple ways through which you can get two WhatsApp accounts on one phone. The five most popular methods those are practically verified are explained in this article.

    1. Dual Whatsapp Installation (No Root Method)

      • Step 1: First of all search for Download GBWhatsapp over an internet browser.
      • Step 2: You will find various links. Click download the app from one of the trusted links.
      • Step 3: Once the downloading is complete. Click on install.
      • Step 4: As the installation process gets completed, open the app.
      • Step 5: Now enter your alternative mobile number through which you want to second WhatsApp account to your phone.
      • Step 6: Once you enter your mobile number, an OTP will be generated and sent to you for verification. The verification will be done within few minutes automatically and your secondary WhatsApp account is ready to use.

      Now you can enjoy Dual Whatsapp Account in few simple steps:

      Account 1: Through already existing Whatsapp number.
      Account 2: Through the alternative number on GBWhatsapp.

      The method is completely practical and tested. You can make use of it to have Dual Whatsapp Apk.

      Features of GBWhatsapp:

      • It requires no rooted device.
      • It works smoothly on all the devices without any sort of error.
      • This app contains amazing additional features and you can access all the features by clicking on GB Settings.
      • The app can be customised as per your choice. It contains all the features of WhatsApp plus. You can hide your last seen, blue tick and change all the privacy settings.
      • The app has no bugs and is updated with all the latest features of WhatsApp including video calling.
    2. By Making Use Of Multiple Users In The Android Device

      The easiest method to use 2 WhatsApp accounts in one phone is by making use of multiple user features that are inbuilt in Android operating systems. Just a few simple steps and your wish to use WhatsApp for both your numbers can come true.

      All you need to do is to follow the procedure mentioned below:

      • Step1: In your Lollipop Android smartphone use the multi-user option. You just need to go to settings and then tap on User and finally Add User.
      • Step 2: Now create a new user account with any desired name and required details.
      • Step 3: Once all the necessary fields are filled and your account is created switch user.
      • Step 4: To access your new user account pull down the notification bar and select your newly created account.
      • Step 5: When you enter your new account your phone settings will be set to all default settings and a blank new phone interface.
      • Step 6: Now, here you can install any of the application to your new user account. To have Dual Whatsapp Apk, download WhatsApp for this new account.
      • Step 7: Once the download is finished, install the app and enter the details.
      • Step 8: An OTP will be sent to you via SMS and will be verified automatically. Now your new WhatsApp account is ready to use.

      With this new user feature, you can enjoy multiple WhatsApp account on your phone without rooting or adding additional custom ROM. This is the best way to have Dual Whatsapp Account on a single device.

      The features of the app will remain same as you are using on your already registered number. You can access the newly created account also in a similar manner without any sort of bugs and complaints.

    3. Using “2Lines for WhatsApp” Android App

      Follow this method properly, if you require two WhatsApp accounts on your Android device. In this method, we will tell you about “how to download multiple WhatsApp applications in single Android phone”. It usually needs some requirements to operate two line WhatsApp on an Android phone. So, 2Lines for WhatsApp app can be the best which will help you in downloading dual WhatsApp account.

      Essential Requirements to Use 2Lines App

      • You need a rooted Android device to run 2Lines for WhatsApp.
      • The Android version of your phone should be 2.3.6+.
      • It requires 5mb free space.

      How to Run Two Whatsapp Accounts by Using 2Lines App

      Now you can easily use two accounts of WhatsApp on one phone. This method is actually very easy and simple which will help you to install two WhatsApp accounts. Though, this method has one major disadvantage i.e. Your Android phone must be rooted before using 2Lines for WhatsApp.

      Moreover, this application will permit you to use at least 10 WhatsApp accounts on a single device. There are some demerits of 2Lines for WhatsApp method that you would not get the actual time notifications of multiple WhatsApp accounts.
      Use 2Lines for Whatsapp App

      Follow the steps to install multiple WhatsApp accounts through 2Lines for WhatsApp:

      • Step 1: Firstly, install 2Lines for WhatsApp on your Android device.
      • Step 2: After downloading 2Lines for WhatsApp in your smartphone or android phone.
      • Step 3: Then open 2Lines for WhatsApp. After that click on the grant when it will ask for a pop-up notification.
      • Step 4: Click on add a new line for WhatsApp. Properly add your contact number there to operate more than one WhatsApp accounts on your Android phone for free of cost.

      So, this was one of the easiest methods for installing two or more than two WhatsApp accounts on your Android device by using the 2Lines for WhatsApp. Now you can manage two WhatsApp accounts.

    4. DISA App Method

      DISA app is the new and convenient method for installing multiple WhatsApp on a single smartphone. It is generally an alternative to 2Lines for WhatsApp method but the greatest thing about this method is that it does not require a rooted Android phone. It is mainly a messenger which is used to operate dual WhatsApp account or multiple WhatsApp accounts in one phone. Now, look at the procedure of DISA app.

      How to Run Multiple Whatsapp Accounts by Using DISA App?

      Follow the instructions properly to install multiple WhatsApp accounts:

      • Step 1: Download DISA application in your android phone.
      • Step 2: After complete downloading, open it in your phone.
      • Step 3: Now click onto +icon and select WhatsApp.
      • Step 4: Add your another number and verify it by using the message or call verification method.

      Now you can enjoy using multiple accounts of WhatsApp on one smartphone.

    5. With the Help of SwitchMe App

      SwitchMe app is available on Google Play that allows you to have multiple WhatsApp account on your Android device. If you have Switchme App on your phone you can easily install Dual Whatsapp Account.

      Requirements to Use SwitchMe App:

      The only requirement to use this application on your Android device is that your smartphone should be rooted.

      Procedure to Use SwitchMe App:

      Using 2 WhatsApp account in one phone with the help of SwitchMe app is easy. But you can switch between the two accounts and cannot have access to both the accounts simultaneously. You can’t have access to your other account from your current profile as the data of different profiles varies.

      Follow the simple steps underneath to do the needful:

      • Step 1: Get your Android Device Rooted.
      • Step 2: Install WhatsApp on your device.
      • Step 3: Then install SwitchMe app too.
      • Step 4: When you install SwitchMe multiple accounts it will ask you for superuser request, you need to grant that.
      • Step 5: Open the SwitchMe App and create your user profile in it.
      • Step 6: This profile will be an administrator account for the app. It will carry details of all the apps on your device including your current WhatsApp account.
      • Step 7: Now, create a new profile in the SwitchMe app with a different name and click on switch button.
      • Step 8: Once you click on switch button your phone will restart. Now you can install the WhatsApp app again and register it with a different mobile number.
      • Step 9: You can enjoy Dual Whatsapp Account by switching between your profiles on Switchme app.

    Wrapping It Up

    The methods described in the article are tried and tested and are 100% reliable. By following any of the five methods mentioned above you can use multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device. If you use dual sim you can have WhatsApp app for each number separately and enjoy this wonderful app on both the numbers. The above methods help you to easily overcome the WhatsApp limitation of having a single account on a phone.

    The article guides you completely with different ways for rooted and unrooted smartphones. To use the two separate accounts you need not connect to different networks, both the accounts can be accessed using a single data network connection.


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