How to Avoid Procrastination in University


How to Avoid ProcrastinationWhen you have a variety of tasks to do, sooner or later, you’ll just sit down and will do nothing. Many academic assignments just leave heads spinning. A college student can’t prioritize tasks correctly and as a result, the majority of all papers aren’t submitted on time.

Sometimes, every student procrastinates tasks and receives poor grades. If you are one of those students, read our tips, which will help you avoid procrastination and teach you how to be on time everywhere. 

1. Use Blocking Apps

The main cause of procrastination is the distraction. Otherwise stated, you simply can’t resist a temptation to watch Facebook or Instagram feed before you embark on working. As a result, you’ll come out of it in an hour or two and see that time goes on but the task is not done. If you can’t organize yourself, you can install blocking applications on your mobile devices or laptops. The software will block distracting apps and messengers and you’ll be more focused on your papers. 

2. Schedule All of Your Activities

This is crucially important for disorganized people. When you schedule your tasks, it will be easier to organize yourself. You should develop a habit and write down all activities you plan for the next day. Every morning you’ll see a precise amount of all activities you need to do today. This will help you be more organized and you’ll definitely spend less time on doing nothing.

3. Learn to Tell People “No”

When you are a student, you have lots of friends who constantly tweedle you into different activities. You simply can’t refuse because you really want to visit a foremost party. Nevertheless, you should learn to tell people no. Furthermore, this skill will help you in your future life as well. 

If you don’t visit one or another party, nothing will happen! Visit parties on weekends and dedicate working days to studying. In this scenario, you’ll create the best balance between work and personal life. 

4. Have Enough Sleep

You should have 7 hours of sleep every day. Though this phrase seems to be funny and unreal for college students, it is true! When you don’t sleep yourself out, you won’t be focused on tasks and you won’t have the power to do all academic assignments. When you sleep enough, you’ll be able to function as a normal person. Lack of sleep conduces to insomnia and if you don’t want to treat this illness, think about the ways of prevention beforehand. The easiest way is to sleep enough! 

5. Ask Experienced Specialists to Help You

This is the easiest and the fastest way to avoid procrastination. If a deadline is short or your skills aren’t enough for this particular task, you can employ the services of professional custom writing agencies. Surfing the net, you’ll find a variety of companies, offering the services of academic writing. You can ask one of them to do this paper for you and as a result, you’ll submit it on time. One of them is essaystone – buy research papers, essays or course works online. This is a reputable company with a decent experience in this area. 

You shouldn’t do this on an ongoing basis, but in some instances, these companies are a life-line for university or college students. 

6. Make Simple Rewards

Sometimes, a person can’t focus on important tasks because his head is full of different ideas that bear no relationship to a literature essay or a coursework in marketing. In this scenario, you can develop a plan of rewards for yourself. For instance, you do the first chapter of your coursework, and you’ll have a 20-minute break. Just imagine what things make you happy and do them during a break! 

7. Create an Educational Environment Around Yourself

Usually, a normal person can’t focus on tasks, when his room is full of friends who are simply doing nothing! It is no surprise that you won’t get it together! You should attend a library instead or ask your friends not to bother you when you are at work. When you come to a library you have no choice – you’ll start studying! 

Following these recommendations, you’ll become a conscientious student, who always does all tasks on time!


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