How to Speed Up Your MacBook Pro?


How to Make Macbook Pro FasterAll Macs start to work slowly after a while. But this is not a problem, because there are many ways to solve this problem. We’ve picked up a few ways to speed up your Mac. We will show you how to solve the problem of slow computer operation.

The Old Hardware of Mac

One of the problems why are your Mac is run slowly it’s too old. When hardware becomes too early, your computer speed is drastically reduced. You can work a bit to fix it without spending a lot of time-solving the problem.

To do this, you need to upgrade the equipment. The main problem is that some Macs are not suitable for updating the software. It also takes time, and it can cost a whole penny, but you get an impressive increase in a slow Mac.

The Old MacOS

Are you sure that your version of OS X is modern enough to work fast? Old OS X usually runs slower, and Apple releases a new OS X every year.

The best practice to avoid slow computer operation is to have the latest version of MacOS. Visit App Store, look for MacOS Sierra and install it. Then you will see the fantastic performance of the computer. Is it possible to accelerate MacBook Pro? You can restore them using CleanMyMac. Download application, go to the Maintenance tab, click Repair Disk Permissions.

A common problem with the slow computer is a lot of programs run in the background. When you work with too many apps in the background, your Mac cannot perform your tasks very quickly. Complete process with Activity Monitor. It will show you which processes use system resources.

A closing program that has a great deal of processing power can have a significant impact on the speed of your slow computer. Open Applications folder, and then click “Utilities.” Open Activity Monitor. Click “Memory” tab above and then the “Memory Filter” at the top of catalog sorts the program by the amount of space they occupy in your RAM. The higher the number, the more power they need.

Stop using an application that uses too many system resources, and then click the grey icon in the upper left corner of the window. Do not delete what you do not know!

Turn Off Visual Effects

How to speed up MacBook Pro? A great tip to help you when you wonder how to speed up your Mac is to turn off visual effects. Sure, they look pretty, but who cares if Mac is running slowly? Turning off some of the features can significantly speed up iMac or MacBook.

Here’s how to speed up Mac by turning off some visual effects: Click System Preferences, next click Dock. Untick following boxes: Animate opening applications, Automatically hide and show Dock. Click on Minimize windows using and change Genie effect to Scale effect.

Slow Start

When you turn on your computer, you can wait too long to download OS. This can happen because you run on too many applications in the background. They not only slow down system loading but also slowly slow down work.

Give your Mac clean start and be able to make OS X faster. When you do not control the startup items, Mac launches a trash can with a massive amount of applications and applications, and it takes a lot of time.

Download CleanMyMac and get faster on Mac. Scroll down to the “User Groups” settings and click “User Name.” Click Sign In button, then click on the name of the program that you do not want to run at startup of OS X and click on symbol below catalog on the left; this will remove the program from the directory. This should speed up the work of your slow computer.


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