To start a podcast, not everyone has a huge budget. Till 2010, cell phones were used, but due to poor sound quality, their use got obsolete. So, it was decided to use Headset mics in place of cell phones for better sound quality. It is to be believed “If the content is the
king, then audio is the queen.” So, switching from cell phones to headset mics, there has come a huge difference in the sound quality. If you a have budget of around $ 1,500, then your setup may include Heil PR40 Mic, Mackie Mixer, Edirol digital recorder, and Limiter

But, for the beginners, not everyone has such a huge budget. Podcasting is a fun task, but the ones, who are going to record for the first time, might not be ready to put into such amount of Penny. Therefore, here are some points that can help you to start you’re first ever podcast on a lower budget and once you start enjoying doing it, you can even add up more required equipment to improve your recording.

So here’s what I would recommend if I were trying to start a podcast with a $50 Budget.

So, we will start a microphone. Since our budget is small, so we will use a simple headset mic. There are tons of microphones in the industry, and you’ll certainly find one that fits in your budget, here is an article that outlines best microphone for youtube, it recommends both expensive and cheap ones, I’ll mention the ones that you can purchase without disturbing your budget.

Within this budget, Logitech H530 is an eminent choice in comparison to other headset mics. This model costs $34.99 (free shipping as well) on Amazon, which fits in under our $50 budget with room to spare.

If the budget can be adjusted a bit, then Sennheiser PC 151 can also be used. Its sound quality is a bit better than Logitech but costs $48. If You will use this model, then get a USB Audio Adapter for it. It can also, be used for screencast videos.

A lot of people suggest blue yeti microphone as well, but that can easily cost around a hundred dollars. There are a ton of blue yeti alternatives , but if you are on a very strict budget, go with Samson go.

In case you don’t like wearing headphones, then The Samson Go The mic can be used. It is a little compact mic which clips directly onto your laptop.

Recording and Editing
To, start editing and recording the podcast, a copy of Audacity can be used. It is free of cost, and so your room of budget is still safe. Moreover, you can get tutorials on YouTube; there are a plenty of such kinds. Mac users can use Garage Band as it is prominent for recording and edit your audios.

Audio Hosting
Next requirement is hosting service for audio. Libsyn would be a great choice. A simple $ 5-month plan provided 50MB so can be used to get started with. 50MB is not sufficient space, so, you can get updated by using $ 15-month plan that gives 250MB.

MP3 Tagging
Another tool to be used is an MP3 tag editor. It helps to add images and other descriptive information onto your MP3. With its help, you can add a logo to your audio file and can also put your show’s information.ID3 editor is a paid editor and costs $15. MP3 Tag is a free one.

These all are the basic and important tools required for you to set up your podcast on a budget of $50. Except for Mic and hosting service, rest everything is free of cost. And by the time you start recording your podcasts and keep on growing, you can upgrade to get some more expensive and indeed efficient tools.

Roland R-05 Digital Recorder
By the time you record your shows, you will desire to invest more and more and add on expensive digital recorders. One of the best digital recorders, you can use is Roland R-05.
This device is highly preferred as it can record on the go.i.e., it is portable. You can record your audios when you are away from the studio. The audio quality is excellent as it has built-in stereo condenser mic.

So, guys what are you waiting for? Recording podcast is not only a fun task but also a pocket-friendly task. So, go on and get started with your first ever podcast.


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